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December 2000 #72
The Imitation of Christ, News, What can the Stars teach us? Golden Stairs 9 : Courage, Principle and Valour.
June 2001 #74
Marcus Aurelius : the real “Gladiator” News, Seven Jewels of Wisdom : 1 : Reincarnation
December 2001 #75
Who was Jesus? - Marilyn O’Day, News, World Trade Centre Disaster : a theosophic perspective - Nancy Coker, The Critical Moment : facing feelings of Dread - Zealator, Seven Jewels of Wisdom : 2 : Karma - Stefan Carey, Obituary : Mamie Parsons
April 2002 #76
Even Mountains can become Buddha, News, Moral Sayings from the Mahabharata, Seven Jewels of Wisdom : Third Jewel : The Doctrine of Hierarchies - Stefan Carey, Obituaries : Heather Krauss, Elsa-Brita Titchenell
August 2002 #77
What is Theosophy? - Lo Guest.News, Apples are really all White! - Nancy Coker, Threats to Humanity - Mahatma Gandhi, Prophesies for the 21st century : do they mean anything? - Paul Rooke, Seven Jewels of Wisdom : The Doctrine of Swabhava - Stefan Carey, Obituaries :Huib de Jong-Heybroek, John Van Mater, Snr., Last Word : Thomas Carlyle
November 2002 #78
The Custom of Saying ‘Grace’ - Heathclyff St James-Deville, News, The Theosophical Box, Seven Jewels of Wisdom : Evolution - Stefan Carey, Obituary :Manuel Oderburg
April 2003 #79
There is no time!, News, New worlds to sing in, Seven Jewels of Wisdom - Stefan Carey, Excerpt - Democritus
August 2003 #80
Is there such a thing as Western Occultism? News, Poem - The Power of One, Seven Jewels of Wisdom - Atma Vidya : Knowledge of the Supreme - Stefan Carey
December 2003 #81
News, Seven Responsibilities of Paganism - Heathclyffe St.James Deville, Obituary : Jill Osman
August 2004 #83
Animals and People, News, Prophets for the 21st Century: The Hopi Indians - Paul Rooke, Obituary : Jean Swan
December 2004 #84
Love actually is all around, News, Prophets for the 21st Century - Two Catholic Prophets - St. Malachi and, the Visions of Fatima - Paul Rooke, The Origin of the Christmas Tree by Dr. Kaygorodoff, from Lucifer V.8 No. 43, March 1891, Obituaries: Ray James, Rosien Chatz
July 2005 #86
Volunteering: Impersonal service is alive and well!, Quoting Shakespeare - Bernard Levin, Breaking the Moulds of Mind, Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita, Theosophy in Today’s World - Andrew Rooke, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, thus have I heard” - Jennifer Pignataro, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! - Dr. Seuss.
December 2005 #87
The meaning of Christmas. — Kirby van Mater, The Wonderful World of Theosophy. — Lo Guest, News Corner, Root Races - What does it all Mean? — John van Mater Snr, Control Over Time - Is it Possible? — Rosa and Margarita Riaikkenen, Obituaries: Julius Leslie and Sam Duband, Jalal-uddin Rumi - the Cosmopolitan poet, Theosophy in Practice. — Andrew Rooke.
August 2006 #89
Do We Have A Future?, News Corner, Book Review: Teddy and the Blue Butterfly, Whale Rescue, The true meaning of Peace, Beyond a Caterpillar Consciousness — Roza Riakkenen, The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, A story from the Dreamtime of the Australian Aboriginal. — Lo Guest, A parable of two frogs, Nicholas Roerich, Shambhala, What Theosophy Means To Me — Jennifer Pignataro, Thoughts from Mother Theresa.
December 2006 #90
Symbols of the Theosophical Society - Jennifer Pignataro, Theosophy in Practice, NEWS, Book Review - Theosophy in the Qabbalah - Grace F. Knoche, Cry of the Damaged Man - Dr. Tony Moore, Wisdom Through Stories: The student and the elephant - Lo Guest, The Sower’s Responsibility - Roza Riaikkenen, A Thorny Story, Things are not what they seem - Maya, Mantra for the Kali Yuga - the Kalisantarana Upanishad, A Little Love and Affection - Neil Young
April 2007 #91
Guardian Angels: Do They Exist? - Amanda Rooke, News, Aims of the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) - Jennifer Pignataro, Contemplating our Future - Roza Riaikkenen, The Parable of the Snake and the Holy Man, Spaces of Space, Theosophy in Practice: Bodhisattva Attitude, Obituary: Lo Guest
August 2007 #92
The coming of spiritual teachers - G. de Purucker. NEWS, When will the Buddha return?, Globe rounds and root races - what does it all mean?, Space - Allen David., An amazing example of Karma!, Tolstoy: about life - Roza Riaikkenen., Theosophy in Practice: putting theory into practice., Obituaries: Ilse North and Ray Rugland., Last Word: from two former leaders of the Theosophical Society on making theosophical ideas practical and understandable - Jim Long and William Quan Judge.
December 2007 #93
Heavens and Hells, NEWS, What do you hear?, Theosophy in Practice: The Paramitas - from HPB and G. de P., Letters to the Editor:, What do angels look like?, When will the Buddha return? - Pam Donnelly, What is the Black Age - Kali Yuga? - Fred Pruyn, Poetry Corner - Amanda Rooke, Cigars of the Earth, Golden Sun, In Search of the Lost Chord: Hidden Aspects of Music.
April 2008 #94
Why is reincarnation necessary? - William Q. Judge, Australian News., Heavens and Hells: Part 2: Kama Loka, Second Death and Devachan - Andrew Rooke, Poetry Corner: The River - Vanessa Craven, Slow Dance - Anonymous, Theosophy in Practice: How can we be generous? - Andrew Rooke, What does Theosophy have to offer? - Sally Dougherty, Poor Mockingbird - Katinka Titchenell, International News.
August 2008 #95
A reservoir of spiritual force - based on comments by James A. Long, Australian news, What are hierarchies? - Andrew Rooke, Reincarnation, civilization, and history - John P. Van Mater, From our readers: Our Milky Way galaxy is on a collision course!, The law of karma: can we escape the cycle of necessity? - Clive Bellgrove, Book Reviews: Who ordered this truckload of dung?: inspiring stories for welcoming life’s difficulties - Ajahn Brahm, Children of the light: the near-death experiences of children - Cherie Sutherland, Theosophy in Practice: How can we practice ethical discipline?, Some thoughts on putting theosophy into action, International News.
December 2008 #96
Quiet heroes, Obituary: Kirby Van Mater, Australian news, What are hierarchies? Part 2: What lies beyond the human level of spiritual evolution? - Andrew Rooke, Poetry corner: To the Teacher - Roza Riaikkenen, Two paths of spiritual development: Pratyeka Buddha and Buddha of Compassion - Stefan Carey, Sri Ramakrishna: a wonderful example of spiritual life, Book Reviews: Wading into The Ocean: a Companion to ‘The Ocean of Theosophy’ - Ann Forsyth Danno - Reviewed by Heathclyff St. James Deville, My stroke of insight: a brain scientist’s personal journey - Jill Bolte Taylor, Mindfulness, bliss, and beyond: a meditator’s handbook - Ajahn Brahm, International news, Questions we all ask: Why do good people suffer? Is Karma always punishment? From our readers: The golden rule is not so simple! Strange blue clouds appearing around the world.
April 2009 #97
What is Theosophy really all about?, Australian news, Lighting the fires of mind - Eloise Hart, Accelerated karma…or… washing dirty socks! - Andrew Rooke, Some thoughts on presenting Theosophy - Frank Walter, The mayonnaise jar and two cups of coffee, Cosmetics in ancient Egypt - Jennifer Pignataro, ‘Minor initiations’ of daily life: a true story from Point Loma days - Karl Bendroth, International news, Book review: Muhammad: Prophet of Islam - Fazl Ahmed, Who is this God? - Paul Murchison, From our readers: The ‘eye doctrine’ versus the ‘heart doctrine’, Questions we all ask: What are the three fundamental propositions of Theosophy?, Willy Wonka and the World Financial Crisis, I am a ship - Stefan Carey.
August 2009 #98
The Path of Compassion and the Work of the Theosophical Society, Australian News, Man’s Responsibility to the Animals - Bernard Parsons, Special Report: The Essence of Buddhism:Sacrifice, Suffering and Compassion - Sally Dougherty, The Middle Way of Buddhism summarized - Frank Walter, Life and Panpsychism - Heathclyff St. James Deville, Book Reviews: The Little Book of the Soul - Ian Lawton, Little Tyke: The True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lioness - Georges, Westbeau, The Deep: the Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss - Claire Nouvain, From our Readers: Mini Bodhisattvas - Roza Riaikkenen, Life after death: is it possible? - Paul Murchison., International News, From a distance - Andrew Rooke., Echoes of the Orient Vol.1 second edition 2009 by William Quan Judge now available in Australia.
December 2009 #99
Ten Basic Rules for Better Living - Manly P. Hall, Australian News, The Inner Meaning of Christmas, The Moon: Queen of the Night - Andrew Rooke, Book Reviews: Cherishing the Earth: how to care for God’s creation, by Martin and Margot Hodson, Catching the Light: the entwined history of light and mind, by Arthur Zajonc, God is Back: how the global rise in faith is changing the world, by John Micklethwait and Adrian Woldridge, Clothed in the Sun - Amanda F. Rooke, International News, The True Story of a Dog named ‘Faith’ - Sotiria Galanopoulou, Donations to the Australasian Section, The Emerald Tablet of Hermes.
April 2010 #100
Everything Else is Just Commentary, Australian News, International News, Report on the World Parliament of Religions, December 2009: Melbourne - Nivard Vas, Who was Mabel Collins? - compiled by Jennifer Pignataro, Book Reviews: Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda, The Compassionate Mother: The oldest biography of Sri Sarada Devi - Brahmachari Akshaychaitanya, Sri Ramakrishna in Today’s Violent World - Ramakrishna Math, The Presence of the ‘Spiritual’ - Andrew Rooke, Life Never Ends - Roza Riaikkenen, Obituary: Tom Van Erp, Two Wolves.
August 2010 #101
Karma and Reincarnation - Marjorie Mitchell, Australian News, International News, A Cracked Pot, Places of Power - Stefan Carey, A Heart of Gold - Amanda F. Rooke, Book Reviews: The Secret Doctrine: abridged and annotated version by H.P. Blavatsky - abridged by Michael Gomes, Exploring Theosophy - TS (Pasadena) Headquarters Staff, Lost Christianities: the battles for scripture and the faiths we never knew - by Bart D. Ehrman, Mans’ Responsibility for Nature - by John Passmore, The Privilege of Learning - Andrew Rooke, Obituaries: Walter Geerlings, Dr Alan Gudenswager, David Spurlin, Jaromir Skrivanek; ‘Aham asmi Parabrahm’ - Koshish Karunga, Building Your Dream-Home in Heaven - Jim Long, Advertisement: The Secret Doctrine - HP Blavatsky and The Secret Doctrine Index - JP Van Mater.
December 2010 #102
Humility and the Horizon of Heaven - Andrew Rooke, Australian News, The Doctrine of Swabhava - Don Shepherd, International News, Instructions for the Journey - John Doré, Book Reviews: Morality Without God? by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Theosophy in the Qabbalah by Grace F. Knoche, Fireflies - Emma and James Rooke, Are the Gods Real? - Koshish Karunga, Leave the World a Better Place - Andrew Rooke, I Wish You 'Enough'.
April 2011 #103
Why Can't We Change? - Andrew Rooke, Gift of the Latkes - Golda Schoenbaum, Australian News, Australian Aboriginal Traditional Religion: perspectives from Theosophy - Bernard S. Parsons, International News, Wolf's Howl - Elizabeth Riaikkenen, Applying Eternal Wisdom to the Problems of Daily Life: lessons learned from the 1951 European Tour Report of James A. Long - Jennifer Pignataro, Book Reviews: Finding the Field: an adventure of body, mind and spirit by Michael Brown, The Wisdom of the Heart: Katherine Tingley Speaks - compiled by W.E. Small, The Roads of Osiris and Horus - Andrew Rooke, The Value of Reading the Bhagavad Gita - Koshish Korunga, Yes - We Can Change: some thoughts from G de Purucker, Just for Today.
August 2011 #104
Who Do You Think You Are? - Andrew Rooke, Australian News, Does the Theosophical Society Actually Do Anything? - Some comments from Grace F Knoche on the Purpose of the Mystery Schools, Character Building - Nivard Vas, International News, The Gayatri Mantra - Koshish Karunga, Book Reviews: The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement, by Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell, Occult Glossary, by G de Purucker, 2nd revised ed., Dhammapada: wisdom of the Buddha, translated by Harischandra, Kaviratna, A Tale of Two Seas - John Dorre, Poetry Corner: An Unexpected Path to Spirit - Anne Hillman, Two Travelling Angels.
December 2011 #105
Wheels within Wheels - Andrew Rooke, Australian News. What is Happiness? - Stefan Carey, Happiness and Giving - Hiliary Brunsdon, Hidden Gold - Amanda F. Rooke, International News, Book Reviews, Death with Dignity - Andrew Rooke, ‘Puja’: Spiritual ‘Timeout’ - Koshish Karunga, Book Reviews: Gifts of the Spirit: living wisdom of the great religious traditions, Light on the Path and Through the Gates of Gold - Mabel Collins, Sanskrit Pronounciation: booklet and audio - Bruce Hall, Obituaries: Ingrid ‘Binnie’ Van Mater, John Coker, Seeing the Seals - Stefan Carey.
April 2012 #106
The Riddle of the Sphinx - Andrew Rooke, 2012: What Does It All Mean? - Marilyn O#39;Day and Sarah B. Dougherty, Australian News, What is the Inner God? - Andrew Rooke, International News, Questions and Answers on Reincarnation - Andrew Rooke, Book Reviews: The Man Who Didn't Die: a spiritual novel - Ian Lawton, Did St Paul Get Jesus Right? - David Wenham, Celestial Strings 1 and 2 - by Inna Palcovskaja-Chabaniuk, Applying Theosophy - Clive Bellgrove, Letters to the Editor: Another Perspective on Happiness - Charles Reither, The Recipe for Sweet Happiness - Sotoria Galanopoulou, The Four Aims of Life: The Purusarthas - Koshish Karunga.
August 2012 #107
Questions and Answers on Karma - Andrew Rooke, Australian News, Reincarnation in Traditional African Religion: the Igbo of Nigeria - Igwe Amakulo, Letters to the Editor: What’s the Purpose of Reincarnation? Why Don’t I Remember Previous Lives? - Charles Reither, Hanging Out Dirty Washing, Odd-Spot: How Much Does a Soul Weigh?, International News, Introduction to Hinduism - Tony Downey, Commentary on Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Texts: Part 1: The Isvarapratyabhijnakarika: a Shaivite text from the 10th century - Don Shepherd, Book Reviews: Life Is: Death Is Not - Sajit Wadva, Sacred Geography: Deciphering Hidden Codes in the Landscape - Paul Devereux, Carmina Gadelica: Hymns and Incantations - As collected by Alexander Carmichael, Don’t We Sell Our Reality For Illusion? - Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen, The Train - Don Shepherd.
December 2012 #108
Spiritual Initiation: what exactly does that mean? - Andrew Rooke, Australian News, Freyja, the Great Goddess of Creation - Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, The Rescuers - Roza Riaikkenen, Gifts of the Stars - Andrew Rooke, International News, A World of Full of Solutions - Julia Butterfly Hill, Book Reviews: A World Without Bees, Oxford Textbook of Spirituality in Healthcare -- Introduction to Judaism and the Kabbalah—Tony Downey, Commentary on Ancient, Medieval and Modern Texts: Part 2: The Zohar —Don Shepherd.
April 2013 #109
Eternal Questions -- Andrew Rooke, Australian News, Did Ancient Indonesian Buddhists Reach Africa? Part 1 -- Robert Dick-Read, We are Consciousness: Pure Spirituality in Ancient Norse Tradition -- Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, International News, A Word is Not a Sparrow –- Andrew Rooke, The Swastika: a Misunderstood Symbol of the Ancient Wisdom -– G de Purucker, Dharma and Religion -– Charles Reither, Book Reviews: The Mysterious Story of X7: Exploring the Spiritual Nature of Matter, Proof of Heaven: a Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife, The Thoughtful Guide to Sufism, Introduction to Buddhism -– Tony Downey, Commentary on Ancient, Medieval and Modern Texts: Part 3: The Surangama Sutra -- Don Shepherd.
August 2013 #110
The Importance of Being Happy - Andrew Rooke, Australian News, One God or Many? Where Did the Idea of One God Come From? - Jennifer Pignataro, International News, From Desire Mind to Compassion Mind: Part 1: What is Desire? - Andrew Rooke, From our Readers: The Swastika Symbol, Religious Fundamentalism: What Can Theosophists Do About It?, A Carrot, an Egg, and a Coffee Bean - John Dore, Book Reviews: Agni Yoga - Helena Roerich, Azlander: Second Nature - Gabriele Brunsdon, The Relationship Between the Ego and the Mind - Charles Reither, Did Ancient Indonesian Buddhists Reach Africa? Part 2 - Robert Dick-Read, Obituary: Tine van der Ven.
December 2013 #111
Spiritual Voyagers - based on comments by G de Purucker, Australian News, Pay It Forward - Amanda F. Rooke, Pilgrimages: the Mystic Journey - Jennifer Pignataro, International News, From Desire Mind to Compassion Mind: Part 2: How Can We Manage Desires? What the Major Religions Have to Say - Andrew Rooke, Book Reviews: The Esoteric Tradition - G. de Purucker - New 3rd & Revised Edition -- Odsmal: the Unseen Reality - Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir -- Odyssey of Your Soul: A Voyage of Self-Discovery - Elizabeth Clare Prophet, From Our Readers: Asylum-Seekers: a Test for Compassion - the Choice is Ours - Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen, The Swastika - Left or Right? - a quote from Dr G de Purucker, Now for the Good News - Heathclyff St James Deville, The Search for 'Me' - Don Shepherd, Obituaries: Joop Brakel, KittyBijl, and Klara Baer.
April 2014 #112
The Inner Battle - based on the Bhagavad Gita, Theosophy and the Business World - Paul Rooke. Australian News, International News, From Our Readers, Gay Marriage: can Theosophy shed any light?, What are ‘The Seven Rays’?, Mahayana Buddhism and Therevada Buddhism: what’s the difference?, Hypnotism and Past - Life Therapy, Book Reviews: How Roland Rolls - Jim Carrey, Temple of the Cosmos: the Ancient Egyptian Experience of the Sacred - Jeremy Naydler, From Desire Mind to Compassion Mind: Part 3 - Theosophy on Managing Desires - Andrew Rooke.
August 2014 #113
Common Sense - Tony Downey. Lessons from Geese. Australian News. War and Karma - Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen. The Beatitudes and the Resolution of Conflict - Sam Duband. What is Theosophy? - some readings from TS Founders. International News.
From our Readers:
  • The Importance of Family Life.
  • Why Do We Spend So Much Time Studying Theosophy? - G. de Purucker.
Book Reviews:
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe: The MathematicalArchetypes of Nature, Art, and Science by Michael S. Schneider - Review by Roza Riaikkenen.
  • Practical Occultism by William Quan Judge.
Doubting Thomas: The Gospel of St Thomas - compiled by Andrew Rooke.
December 2014 #114
Living in the Moment - Stefan Carey. Step s to Happiness. Australian News. Reincarnation: A Logical Idea? - Rita Houthuijzen. International News. Coping with Stress - Andrew Rooke.
Book Reviews:
  • Two books on mystical ancient Egypt - John A. West: Serpent in the Sky and Jeremy Naydler: Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts.
  • Theosophic Correspondence between Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and Kirchberger, Baron de Lieberstorf (1792 - 1797) - Translated by Edward Penny.
Our Debt to the Gnostics - Arthur Swan.
April 2015 #115
Why? - Tony Downey. Australian News. Alchemy: Transformation Towards Our Inner Self - Rita Houthuijzen. International News. Why Study Ancient Religions and Philosophies? - Andrew Rooke. Mystical Ancient Egypt: Part 1 - Heirs to Atlantis? - Andrew Rooke.
Book Reviews:
  • Zealot: the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth - Reza Aslan.
  • Bhagavad-Gita: Recension by William Quan Judge combined with his Essays on the Gita
  • Golden Precepts: a Guide to Enlightened Living - G de Purucker
  • Karma: an Aristotelian Approach - Don Shepherd.
Obituary: Eloise Hart.
August 2015 #116
Winners and Losers - Tony Downey. Australian News. Building a New Continent of Thought - based on the writings of Grace F. Knoche and James A. Long. International News. There Are No Dark Places in the Chambers of the Soul - Katherine Tingley. What is ‘Mystical Experience’? - Jenny Ryan. Mystical Ancient Egypt: Part 2 - The Great Pyramid and the Temple of Amun - what can they teach us? - Andrew Rooke. International News. Book Reviews: Four manuals for daily living: Buddhism: Who Ordered this Truckload of Dung? - Ajahan Brahm. Christianity: The Imitation of Christ - Thomas A'Kempis. Ancient Rome: Meditations - Marcus Aurelius. Theosophy: The Wind of the Spirit - G de Purucker - Reviewed by Heathclyff St James Deville. How Can I Become Like a Master of Wisdom? - G. de Purucker. The Greatest Gift - Elizabeth Shanta. Obituary: Frances M. Rooke.
December 2015 #117
Gaining and Avoiding - Tony Downey. Remember to put the glass down! Australian News. Ghosts: Do they exist? What are they? Theosophical perspectives – compiled by Andrew Rooke. International News. Mystical Ancient Egypt: Part 3: Egyptian magic, and - what can we learn from ancient Egypt for today’s w orld? - Andrew Rooke. From Our Readers: What is Quantum Physics? The Mission of the Theosophical Society - G. de Purucker.
Book Reviews:
  • Anger: wisdom for cooling the flames by Thich Nhat Hanh.
  • The wisdom of the heart: Katherine Tingley speaks by Katherine Tingley.
  • An Inner Cosmos - Don Shepherd.
  • The Gayatri Mantram. The New Sound is Silence - Elizabeth Shanta.
March 2016 #118
The Presence of Light - Andrew Rooke. News. Western Esotericism: Part 1: The Development of the Esoteric Tradition in the West - Nivard Vas. What Exactly is Buddhism? - Tony Downey. Technical Theosophy: The Buddhic Cycles - Don Shepherd. The Wise Guide - Elizabeth Shabda. Spirit, Passion, and Ignorance: The Three ‘Gunas’: Part 1: Riding the Elevator of Consciousness - Andrew Rooke. A Window of Light - Amanda F. Rooke.
June 2016 #119
Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life - They Change It! - Tony Downey. News. Western Esotericism: Part 2: Western Esotericism through the Ages - Nivard Vas. Home-Spun Wisdom - Compiled by Andrew Rooke. Book Review: Maralinga’s Long Shadow: Yvonne’s Story, by Christobel Mattingley. Review by Roza Riaikkenen. Letters to the Editor: The Great Year. Spirit, Passion, and Ignorance: The Three ‘Gunas’: Part 2: Rising Above the Gunas - Andrew Rooke. Living to Benefit Mankind - Nicholas C. Weeks. Breathtaking - Shanti Shabda.
September 2016 #120
A Jar, Some Golf Balls, Pebbles, Sand ... and Two Cups of Coffee! Some Famous Westerners Speak on Reincarnation. News. Western Esotericism: Part 3: The Western Esoteric Tradition - Nivard Vas. Book Reviews: Two new books on Australian Aboriginal healing and spirituality - reviewed by Elizabeth Lovett. Mysteries of Music: Part 1: Music and Healing - Andrew Rooke. Letters to the Editor: The Transition to ‘The Age of Aquarius’. Co-Workers with Buddha - Nicholas C. Weeks.
December 2016 #121
An Attitude of Gratitude. News. Our Younger Brothers: The Animals - Andrew Rooke. Middle Earth - Amanda F. Rooke. Letters to the Editor: What is ‘The Doctrine of the Spheres’? Why Do Good People Suffer? Karma and Free Will - Fiona Odgren. Mysteries of Music: Part 2: Music and Other Forms of Life - Andrew Rooke. Technical Theosophy: Universal Brotherhood and Ancient Cycles - Don Shepherd. Book Reviews: This Side of the Global Wall - Gary Miller. HP Blavatsky to the American Conventions 1888 - 1891 - HP Blavatsky with historical summary by Kirby Van Mater. I Had a Dream - Shanti Shabda. The World is Spinning Faster: a Lakota (American Indian) Prophecy - Buffalo White Calf Woman - recounted by Chris Kavelin.
March 2017 #122
Dance of the Honeybees. Early Christianity: Part 1: A Diversity of Belief - abridged from Sunrise articles by WTS Thackara. News.
Letters to the Editor:
  • How Can I Find a Spiritual Teacher?
  • What are Souls?
Soul Mates: Do They Actually Exist? - Andrew Rooke.
Book Reviews:
  • Horton Hears a Who by Dr Seuss.
  • Insights from the Masters: a Compilation by Fiona C. Odgren.
  • Kalagia by Alexander Naumkin.
Mysteries of Music: Part 3: Hidden Aspects of Modern Popular Music - Andrew Rooke. Technical Theosophy: Part 3: The Shared Responsibility of Overlapping Cycles - Don Shepherd. Last Word: On Consciousness - Alan E. Donant.
June 2017 #123
Who Remembers the Cabinet Maker?
Early Christianity: Part 2: The Gnostics and the Proto - Orthodox (ie ‘orthodox’ in the sense of being forerunners of modern Christianity) - condensed from Sunrise articles by WTS Thackara.
Letters to the Editor:
  • The Most Urgent Need Today - William Delahunt.
  • How Long are the Cycles Mentioned in Theosophy - Don Shepherd.
Other Worlds to Sing In - Paul Villard. Heavens and Hells - Andrew Rooke.
Book Reviews:
  • An Invitation to the Secret Doctrine - HP Blavatsky with contributions by Robert Bowen and Kirby Van Mater.
  • A Street Cat Named Bob - James Bowen.
Technical Theosophy: Part 4: Recent Cycles and the New Age - Don Shepherd. Last Word: On Family Life and Theosophical Study - from The Mahatma Letters.
September 2017 #124
What a Tree Taught Me.
Trees – Joyce Kilmer.
The Lotus – Amanda F. Rooke.
What is The Ancient Wisdom? Part 1: Features of the Ancient Wisdom – Andrew Rooke.
Rebirth: Soul Becomes Form – Nivard L. Vas.
Letters to the Editor:
  • How can there be a difference between Pratyeka Buddhas and Buddhas of Compassion?
  • What are Spiritual Hierarchies?
A Sense of Humour.
Book Reviews:
  • Echoes of the Orient: The Writings of William Quan Judge. Vols 1 - 4. Compiled by Dara Eklund.
  • The Western Esoteric Tradition: An Historical Introduction, by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. Reviewed by Nivard L. Vas.
Last Word: On Nightly Meditation: comments from Pythagoras, Swami Yogananda, Katherine Tingley, and, G. de Purucker
December 2017 #125
Bridge of Consciousness.
Man's Responsibility to the Animals – Bernard S. Parsons.
Paganism: A Gift of the Lord and Lady – Heathclyff St James Deville.
What is The Ancient Wisdom: Part 2: Features of The Hidden Wisdom: 'Gnosis' – Andrew Rooke.
A Sense of Humour.
Letters to the Editor:
  • The Seven Sacred Planets.
  • The Golden Stairs to the Temple of Wisdom.
  • Hidden Causes of Natural Disasters.
Book Reviews:
  • Timeless Truths of The Secret Doctrine: A Compilation by Fiona C. Odgren.
  • Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, & Politics in the Book of Revelation by Elaine Pagels.
The Other Ten Commandments.
Obituary: Rudi Jansma.
Last Word: On Transforming Gnosis into Action from the Gospel of Truth.
March 2018 #126
The Theosophical Box – Koshish Karunga.
'If You Don't Feel It, You Can't Heal It': Empathy and Compassion – Compiled by Andrew Rooke.
The Four Sacred Seasons: Part 1: Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox – Condensed from G de Purucker's book: The Four Sacred Seasons.
Book Reviews:
  • Creator and Creators: Co–Creation with Nature: A Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen. Edited by Andrew Rooke, 2018.
  • Expanding Horizons: Exploring Spiritual Values in Today's World by James A. Long. 2nd edition, 2015.
Letters to the Editor:
  • Do Theosophists Believe in God? – Comment from James A. Long.
  • Seven Stages of Initiation, Seven Jewels of Wisdom, and Seven Paramitas – Comment from Scott J. Osterhage.
  • A Possible Theosophical Explanation Why Whales Beach Themselves – Fred Pruyn.
The Secret Doctrine: The One Principle – Don Shepherd.
Last Word: The Great Importance of Harmony – Fiona Odgren.
June 2018 #127
The Question of Attitude – Tony Downey.
Letters to the Editor:
  • Some thoughts on Organ Donation, Euthanasia, Suicide, and Abortion – omments by Rita Houthuijzen.
The Kosmic Dance – Luke Michael Ironside.
A Sense of Humour.
The Four Sacred Seasons: Part 2: Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and the Initiatory Cycle. Condensed from G de Purucker's: The Four Sacred Seasons.
Book Reviews:
  • Religions and Extra-Terrestrial Life: How Will We Deal With It? – David A. Weintraub.
  • Theosophy: The Path of the Mystic – Katherine Tingley.
The Secret Doctrine: Playgrounds of the Soul – Don Shepherd.
A Prayer for Humility
September 2018 #128
What is Religion?
The Mystery of Sin – Arthur Swan.
Letter to the Editor: How Can I Start Studying Theosophy?
Modern Physics and Ancient Wisdom: Part 1: The Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics – Compiled by Andrew Rooke.
Book Reviews:
  • God: a Human History – by Reza Azlan, reviewed by Greg Woodford.
  • The Gods Await – Katherine Tingley.
Coping With Stress and Depression – Condensed from The Gods Await by Katherine Tingley and Echoes of the Orient by William Quan Judge.
Cosmic Life: The 'Great Age' – Don Shepherd.
Hidden Godhood: an ancient story – retold by John Van Mater Snr.
December 2018 #129
Finding Our 'Sisu'.
Music: a Poem – Mara Flower.
Modern Physics and the Ancient Wisdom: Part 2: Modern Physics and the Ancient Wisdom Compared – Andrew Rooke.
Practical Tips for Better Health: Nature is the Great Healer – Katja Pantzar.
Have a Laugh. Book Reviews: two new books on recent discoveries in ancient history:
  • Before the Pharaohs – Edward F. Malkowski.
  • Out of Australia – Steven and Evan Strong.
Letters to the Editor:
  • Truth is Not a Concept – William Delahunt.
  • Definitions of Sin – one from Charles Reither and another from 'A Fellow Theosophist'.
The Druids – Heathclyff St. James Deville.
A Purpose for Being: an American Indian Story.
March 2019 #130
St George and NOT the Dragon.
Good and Evil: Part 1
Battle of the Two Wolves – Condensed from the writings of G de Purucker.
Practical Tips for Better Health: Build-ing Resilience in Kids – Katjar Pantzar.
Angels: Who or What Are They? – Amanda F. Rooke.
Blue Light Reduces Blood Pressure and Depression
Book Reviews
  • Power Animals – a selection of books reviewed by Heathcliff St. James Deville.
  • He, She, and We: three books by Robert A. Johnson.
Letters to the Editor
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • What Does an Angel Look Like?
June 2019 #131
Either, Or – and – Either and Or: Spirituality in the Modern World
Good and Evil: Battle of the Two Wolves: Part 2 Applying Spiritual Knowledge to Daily Life – Condensed from the writings of G de Purucker, Katherine Tingley, and Elizabeth Haich.
The Legend of the Holy Grail – Arthur Swan.
Religion in a Nutshell: Hinduism
Better Health Nordic Diet Tips – Katja Pantzar.
Letters to the Editor:
  • Questions on Karma.
  • Humility and the Mysteries.
Book Review
Azlander, Never Endings, Second Chances by Gabrielle Brunsdon. Reviewed by Amanda F. Rooke.
Have a Laugh.
Smiling is Infectious. A poem by Spike Milligan.
September 2019 #132
The Wisdom of the Common Man.
Light a Single Candle:
Suggestions from Theosophy on Coping with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Part 1: Some Advice from a Master of Wisdom – based on the writings of Katherine Tingley.
Better Health: Cold–Water Treatments – Katya Pantzar.
Pam's Mum's Funeral– Amanda F. Rooke.
Music Review: Hindu 'Kirtan' Chanting: Music of Krishna Das.
Religion in a Nutshell: Buddhism
Diary of a Buddhist Meditation Retreat – Floyd Cento.
Letters to the Editor:
  • Spirituality in the Modern World: What is the Goal? – Alan E. Donant.
  • Some Questions about Reincarnation.
The Cosmic Osiris – Don Shepherd.
A Volcano of Impressions – Hector Bonarjee.
Obituary: Nancy B. Coker. – Andrew Rooke.
December 2019 #133
Kindergarten of the Mysteries.
Thoughts on Christmas – Nhilde Davidson.
Book Review: Jesus, the Essenes, and Christian Origins: New Light on Ancient Texts and Communities (2018) – Simon J. Joseph.
Light a Single Candle: Some insights on Handling Stress, Depression and Anxiety: Part 2: Some Advice from Dr Patch Adams and Modern Psychology – based on the work of Dr Patch Adams, Dr Shane Yates and Patricia Cameron-Hill.
Towers of Infinite Thought: Sacred Places of Initiation – Nicholas C. Weeks.
Religion in a Nutshell: Judaism.
Letters to the Editor:
  • Are the Occult Arts Dangerous?
  • Meditational Music – Sotiria Galanopoulou.
  • Everyone is Fighting a Battle – sent by Gary Betts.
  • Three Stories of Kindness – Nancy Coker.
March 2020 #134
The First Rainbow
Awareness: Part 1: Perspectives from Spiritual Teachers, Poets, and Scientists.
Creation in a Cloud of Dust – Amanda F. R o o k e .
Theosophy and Quantum Physics – Sotiria Galanopoulou.
Animal Inspiration – Heathclyff St James Deville.
Have a Laugh.
Poetry Reviews:
  • Love is Strong as Death – Poems Chosen by Paul Kelly.
  • Tell Me Why – Archie Roach.
Religion in a Nutshell: Christianity.
A Christian Prayer for Empathy and Compassion.
A Letter From 'Inside' – L.S.
The Cosmic Brahma – Don Shepherd.
Imagine All the People – James Rooke.
May 2020 #135
The Little Things.
Awareness: Part 2: Perspectives from Theosophy and Kriya Yoga: Based on the works of G de Purucker and Ryan Kurczak.
What a Tree Taught Me: an experience of Awareness.
Journey to the Inner God.
Where's God When I Need Him?
How Natural are Natural Disasters?
When This Is Over: commenting on the COVID-19 health crisis – Laura Kelly Fanucci.
Book Reviews:
  • How Should We Live? Great Ideas from the Past for Everyday Life – Roman Krznaric.
  • Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia and the Birth of Agriculture, by Bruce Pascoe.
  • Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World, by Tyson Yunkaporta.
Religion in a Nutshell: Islam.
Pilgrims of Eternity – Luke M. Ironside.
Arrow to the Sun: a Pueblo Indian Tale of the Journey to the Inner God.
The Inner God: Positive Observations During COVID-19 – Amanda F. Rooke.
July 2020 #136
Who Do You Think You Are? What is 'The Self'?
The Hidden Self: An Ancient and Modern Quest.
Website: An Experience of Awareness – Amanda F. Rooke.
Cartoon Comment: Religion and Spirituality.
Mad World? Why is Life So Tough for So Many People? Part 1: A World of Causes.
Better Health During COVID-19:
  • What Can I Do if Someone is Feeling Distressed or Disturbed?
  • Buteyko Breathing Method – John Wilson.
I Am the River – Stefan Carey.
Religions in a Nutshell: Taoism.
Book Reviews:
  • The Tao of Pooh – Benjamin Hoff.
  • The Cambridge Handbook of Mysticism and Esotericism – Edited by Glenn A. Magee.
Buddhism: Theosophy and an Indeterminant Self – Don Shepherd.41 Obituary: Wynn Wolfe.
Nature and the Butterfly – James Feinstein
September 2020 #137
Families: Perspectives from Theosophy and Life-Before-Life (LBL) Research
How Can I Love God? – Hector Bonarjee
Family Tree
The Self in Paganism Leads to Unity – Heathclyff St James-Deville
Why is Life So Tough for So Many People? Part 2: Human Dimensions
Time for a Laugh
Letters to the Editor
  • Spiritual Students Often Experience Suffering – But Why?
  • Where Did the Ancient Egyptians Come From?
  • A Letter and a Poem from 'Inside' – LS
Religion in a Nutshell: Sikhism
The Great Initiates: A Study of the Secret History of Religions. A review article of Edouard Schure's classic study – Geoff Pascoe
A Librarian's Revelation – Amanda F. Rooke
December 2020 #138
Early Christianity: A Diversity of Belief.
Was Jesus an Essene? – Condensed from the writings of Simon J. Joseph.
Was Jesus in Kashmir, India? – Nick Kravaritis.
The View Through a Church Window – Amanda F. Rooke.
Religion in a Nutshell: New Forms of Christianity: Mormons; Seventh Day Adventists; Jehovah's Witnesses.
Theosophy and Christianity – Luke M. Ironside.
The Future of Christianity – G de Purucker.
Better Health During the COVID Pandemic.
Christian Mysticism – Arthur Swan.
Book Reviews:
  • The Path of Souls: The Native American Death Journey: Cygnus, Orion, the Milky Way, Giant Skeletons in Mounds & the Smithsonian, by Gregory Little. Reviewed by Geoff Pascoe.
  • Hildegard of Bingen's Spiritual Remedies, by Dr Wighard Strehlow, Reviewed by Amanda F. Rooke.
Raguel and Narada: Angels of Vengeance and Angels of Justice – based on the writings of G de Purucker.
March 2021 #139
What is Love? – G de Purucker.
The Universal Force of Love – Albert Einstein.
Psalm of the Homecoming Pilgrim – Amanda F. Rooke.
Better Health During the Pandemic: Compassion in Action – Ram Dass.
The Many Faces of Love – condensed from the writings of Roman Krznaric and G de Purucker.
Tough Love: Winners and Losers – Tony Downey.
Religion in a Nutshell: Zoroastrianism.
The Power of Love The Power of Love – James Feinstein.
The Three Fundamental Propositions of The Secret Doctrine – Luke Michael Ironside.
Book Review
  • Photographing Tutankhamun: Archaeology, Ancient Egypt and The Archive by Christina Riggs, 2020. Reviewed by Nina Mazurek.
  • The Mahatma Letters to AP Sinnett, 2nd and Revised Edition transcribed and compiled by A Trevor Barker. Review by Will Thackara.
June 2021 #140
Editorial: Cults versus True Spiritual Teachers
Prophets, Visionaries, and Charlatans – I.M. Oderberg
Homely Beauty – Tash Halpert
Cults versus Religions
Communion with a Winter's Morning – Amanda F. Rooke
The Beatitudes and the Resolution of Conflict Conflict – Bernard S. Parsons
Better Health
Where the Wind Goes – Amanda F. Rooke
Theosophy, Cults and the Occult – Luke M. Ironside
Religion in a Nutshell: Scientology
A Mantra for All Times: 'Gobinday, Mukanday' – as sung by Tera Naam
En-Route to Rajasthan: A Close Encounter with a Cult – Jennifer Pignataro
Letters to the Editor
  • Einstein's Letter on Love – a Forgery?
  • Avoiding Vulnerable Feelings – Prisoners JB and LS
  • Russian Esoteric Thinkers Around and After the Time of HP Blavatsky
  • Plato Descends from Mt Olympus – Eugene Harris
September 2021 #141
What are Mantras?
The Potency of SoundThe Potency of Sound – G de Purucker.
Thoughts on a Quote from Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' – Amanda F. Rooke.
Mantras: Holy Prayers, Sounds, Chanting the Names of Divinity, and Stories of God(s).
AUM (Om): The Word – Graeme Edge.
Sound and Vibration in Traditional Sound and Vibration in Traditional Societies: Australia and Africa.
The Seven Jewels of Wisdom: Reincarnation, Karma, Hierarchies, Self-Becoming, Evolution, Two Paths, Knowledge of the Self – The First Jewel: Reincarnation.
Better Health:
  • Qi Gong Classes.
  • Sleep and Depression.
'REN' ('The Name'): The Power of Speech – Normandi Ellis.
The Virtue of Courage – James Feinstein.
Book Reviews:
  • The Goddess Re-Awakening: The Feminine Principle Today. Compiled by Shirley Nicholson. Reviewed by Niamh O'Byrne.
  • Every time I Find the Meaning of Life: They Change It. By Daniel Klein. Reviewed by Tony Downey.
Religions in a Nutshell: The Religions of Japan: Shinto and Zen.
Obituary: Marjorie Maud Downey.
Letters to the Editor:
  • How Can I Meditate or Chant Mantras in this Hectic Modern World? – Krishna Das.
  • Soul versus Spirit – Eugene Harris.
  • Lockdown Amplifies the Simple Sounds – Jennifer Pignataro.
  • Waiting for a Sign
December 2021 #142
Simplicity, Patience and Compassion.
The Presence of Light.
The Power of Example.
God is All-That-Is – Fler Beaumont.
Seven Jewels of Wisdom: Karma – Stefan Carey.
The Example of the Ancestors in Traditional Societies.
The Balm of Loving Kindness – Amanda F. Rooke.
The Imitation of Christ: A Manual for Living – Thomas A'Kempis.
Letters to the Editor
  • Where did the word Nature come from?
  • How the One became the Many – Eugene Harris.
The Tarot: Paths of Light and Darkness: a review article of The Meditations on the Tarot. – Geoff Pascoe.
March 2022 #143
Editorial: Spiritual Practice: It's Where the Rubber Hits the Road!
Plant the Seeds – Sri Ramakrishna.
They Scatter Seeds – James Feinstein.
African Wisdom: There's No Shortcuts on the Road of Spirituality – Verona Spence-Adofo.
Apples Are Really All White! – Nancy Coker.
Lower Mind to Higher Mind: What Buzz the Boss-Bird Taught Me – Amanda F. Rooke.
Practical Spiritual Practice: Some Perspectives from Theosophy.
Seven Jewels of Wisdom: The Third Jewel: Hierarchies – Stefan Carey.
Giants: Theosophical Perspectives on the Nephilim – Luke M. Ironside.
Q&A on Theosophy: What are the Main Ideas of Theosophy?
Obituary: Helga Duband.
Meditation: Making a Start – Esther Pockrandt.
Chanting as a Spiritual Practice.
Gardening as a Sacred Art – Richard Jeffries, Thomas Brown and Jeremy Naydler.
Obstacles to Spiritual Practice – from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
Book Review: The Power of Now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment, by Eckhart Tolle.
Letters to the Editor:
  • 'Freedom' After Lockdown
  • What Theosophy Really Is – Don Shepherd
  • The Buteyko Breathing Technique
  • During the Covid-19 Pandemic – John Wilson
  • What Will Save Us? – Eugene Harris.
June 2022 #144
Who are the Masters of Wisdom? – John P. Van Mater
A Tray of Lenses – Amanda F. Rooke
Spiritual Initiation: A New Birth
Tulkus, Avatars and Other High Spiritual Teachers – Clive Bellgrove
These Truths I Perceive – Eugene Harris
The Seven Jewels of Wisdom. The Fourth Jewel: The Doctrine of Swabhava: the Essential Nature of Things – Stefan Carey
Q&A on Theosophy. What are the Three Fundamental Propositions of Theosophy?
Polynesian Masters: Kahunas, Keepers of the Secrets – Sonia Smith
Let It Shine – Stephen Colley
Book Review The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett. 2nd and Revised Edition. Theosophical University Press, 2021.
Obituary: Tony Downey
September 2022 #145
Duality: Two Sides of Everything
Battle of the Two Wolves: Good and Evil – Cherokee Indian Tale
Good and Evil: Some Questions and Answers from Theosophy – Condensed from the writings of G de Purucker
Thou and I – Tasha Halpert
Seven Jewels of Wisdom: The Fifth Jewel: Evolution – Stefan Carey
The Ineffable – Eugene Harris
Q&A on Theosophy:
  • Is Theosophy a School for the Occult Arts?
  • Is Theosophy Just Comparative Religion?
Higher and Lower Selves: The Power of Passion – Bhavanishankar Mullapoorcar
Spirituality and the Paradox of Duality – Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen
Simplicity, Patience and Compassion: The Three Greatest Treasures: Part 1: Simplicity
Letters to the Editor:
  • Homelessness in our Cities
  • The Great Mystery – Eugene Harris
The Caduceus: Symbol of Duality
December 2022 #146
Salvation: What Does That Mean?
The Layer Jar – Amanda F. Rooke.
Fly with the Spirit of the Butterfly (Poem) – James Feinstein.
Science and Salvation – Albert Einstein.
Salvation in Hinduism and Buddhism.
Salvation According to Theosophy – Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary.
Q & A on Theosophy:
  • Where Did Theosophical Ideas Come From?
  • Is Theosophy Just Another Set of Beliefs That I Must Accept?
News of the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) Around the World
The Soil of the Heart (Poem) – Tasha Halpert.
The Seven Jewels of Wisdom: The Sixth Jewel: The Doctrine of the Two Paths – Stefan Carey.
How I Found Theosophy: Three Dreams About the Spiritual Self and its Goal for Perfection – Sotiria Galanopoulou.
Salvation: Perspectives from Witchcraft – Gyndillion.
Simplicity, Patience and Compassion: The Three Greatest Treasures: Part 2: Patience.
Book Review
Azlander: Finding Self: Second Guesses: Book 3 – Gabriel Brunsdon, reviewed by Amanda Rooke.
Greater Far (Poem) – Peter Mardon.
What is Theosophy?

Karma is not a punishment but the path through which experience is gained and truth revealed, and it relies as much on the present and future as it does on the past.
— Shawn Hawk