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Ganesh : Overcomer of Obstacles - Andrew Rooke

Seven Planes of the Astral Light - Paul Rooke


Seven Responsibilities of Paganism - Heathclyffe St.James Deville

Obituary : Jill Osman



AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND : Marree Man : A huge image of an Australian aboriginal man carved in the surface of a plateau 28 kms square was recently discovered near Marree in South Australia. The origins of this image are unclear at present, but it ranks along-side with other such enigmatic images in Peru and England as they can only be seen in their entirety from the air. Revolutionary New Theory of Time : New Zealand physicist Peter Lynd is causing a stir in the world of physics with his revolutionary theory of time that differs from conventional scientific understanding and is similar to metaphysical ideas about ‘Maya’ or the illusionary nature of the material universe. In short, Lynd contends that there is no such thing as an instant in time or a present moment in nature. These are illusions of our consciousness. Therefore there is no flow of time as we understand it, through definite intervals over an extended period. Currently, debate is raging over the internet and in scientific journals about the impact of his ideas on physics.

AFRICA : Ghana - We have recently heard the glad news that a branch of our Society has been formed in Tema Ghana - congratulations to Mr Justice Eshun, the convener of the group, and the members there. Mr Eshun has some inspirational words for us all ...”What is theosophy if not a way of life, and whatever we know to be the truth we must keep on hammering it till it manifests or comes to light. We wish to have a thousand voices to promulgate these teaching, but as we don’t, yet we still cannot keep these beautiful wisdom to ourselves alone. We must return and help our brothers who need what knowledge we have. As jesus is reported to have said...”you cannot light a candle and put it under a table.” So is Buddha’s saying “thousands of candles can be lighted on a single candle and the life of the candle cannot be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Sometimes we need to be like stones, living in streams where we have fallen and become a means over the years for others to step across safely.”

Can you help our Companions in Ghana by sending them theosophical books? Please send any theosophical books you can spare to Mr Justice Eshun, The Theosophical Society, Tema Branch, PO Box AS 195 Ashaiman, Tema, Ghana, West Africa.


Heathclyffe St.James Deville

We recently had a fascinating lecture on Paganism and Wicca from Heathclyffe. The full text of this lecture which includes information on Druidism is available from the Editor. In the lecture, Heathclyffe referred to seven responsibilites of those who follow the way of Paganism. They are:

1. We are responsible for the beliefs that we choose to adopt.

2. We are responsible for our own actions and our Spiritual/personal development.

3. We are responsible for deciding who or what Deity is due our respectful worship and likewise for forming a relationship with that Deity.

4. As everything contains a spark of the Divine - We are responsible for how we mete out treatment to ALL things that surround us.

5. Everything is sacred due to its interconnectedness and Blessedness - thus we are responsible for how we choose to relate to all things be these animate or inanimate.

6. We are responsible for choosing how best to work our Magick - for good and bad. By Magick I refer to the outpouring of Ritual, the Intent behind our work.

7. As Comsciousness survives death, we are responsible for choosing a way that elevates ourselves to a higher Spiritual level - Most Pagans accept the notion of Reincarnation, Rebirth and Karma according to their own ways of understanding.

These all sound like good rules for anyone to follow!


Our friend and Companion in theosophical work, Jill [Sue] Osman, passed away after a long illness on September 18th. Jill will be remembered by many of our members for her tireless efforts working in our library, and for her dutiful attandance at our meetings no matter the state of her personal health. Jill in particular assisted with the organisation of our collection of journals, and assisted with the production of a complete listing of our journals, many of which are quite rare. Jill also regularly attended meetings and educational sessions around Melbourne offered by other philosophical and educational groups. In particular, she was the tape-librarian of the Jung Society for many years. We remember Jill for her cheerful and ever helpful nature, and respect her quiet contributions to fostering theosophical work in Melbourne. Vale!

Andrew Rooke

National Secretary


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